If your puppy begins to chew on something he shouldn't, get the old sock out and let him chew that instead. Then you can immediately give him a more acceptable toy or the sock trick mentioned below. Chewing objects is an inevitable part of a young puppies' life and this exploration can lead to an injured puppy or damaged property in your house. If your puppy is found chewing on something he shouldn't be, firmly say "no" and then gently take the object from him.

A quick little tip that can help train your puppy and give him something to gnaw on while easing some of the pain. Then, as always, follow that up with some praise. Just make sure to watch your pup if you use this tip. Get a sock and put a bunch of semi-crushed ice cubes in it.Training your puppy not to chew up the house is sometimes a difficult job.

If you are out and return to your house and find that your young puppy or your dog has destroyed something, just ignore him until you've had an opportunity to both clean up and cool down. Beating and hitting your puppy is not only unkind but doesn't work. After you've tied the top of the sock you can throw it back into the freezer. As puppies begin to teeth they want to chew on just about anything. Please don't let the puppy chew on this by himself with this sock as the puppy could tear off bits of the sock and choke on them.

Here are some tips from a professional dog trainer, Click Here

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