An alternative to using paper training indoors, you could use a great training tool for clean, indoor use like the WizDog. If most of the floor is covered and your puppy chooses the area that isn´t, he or she needs some more time to get used to going on the newspaper. Even then, however, don´t expect a dog to hold it for more than six to eight hours. Remember to give your dog plenty of opportunities to go throughout the day until they are 8 months to a year old. Doing this, your puppy will only be able to go on the paper and will soon prefer to do so.

After a few days or a week, remove a small area of the newspaper uncovering some of the floor. First, pick one room where your puppy will be and cover the entire floor with newspaper. If you choose to paper train your puppy or dog in an attempt to house train them, there are a few methods that work well.

Then, they will have developed a schedule of some sort and are able to control themselves for much longer. Until this happens, keep one room that is dog proofed so that mistakes don´t spread throughout the home. This is a Revolutionary Dog House Training Solution! If puppy doesn´t have an accident off of the paper for a few days you can uncover some more. You may want to have your puppy using the paper for life, otherwise only keep newspaper down until the dog is able to hold it for six hours or so at a time, something that happens at around 6-8 months, depending on your dog. If puppy has an accident off of the paper, recover the floor again for a few days and then try again. Solving the Biggest Headache in Dog Ownership Indoor Dog Mess.

You do this papertraining a little at a time until only a small area, relative to your dog´s size, remains.

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